About us

We are a B2B agency for explosive growth

The marketing department of the future is a dynamic, data-driven team that produces consistent quality leads via inbound marketing. Prospects are more empowered than ever and with the click of a button they can research you and your competitors online.

At Flipside, we have developed a process your business can take forward for years to come with outstanding results. We aim to assist your business to be self-sufficient in the long term and provide support with change management and implementation until your business can hold its own when it comes to inbound marketing.

Your business needs a strategy to engage and inform prospects at the right time with helpful content that puts your solution front of mind. If your business is not creating consistent quality leads from leading content you’ll be left behind.

Flipside Founder Mark Engelmann.

Our passion and purpose is all about growth.

Mark Engelmann

With a knack for developing engaging content and a good understanding of how businesses work, Mark is Flipside’s content strategist. Mark brings to the table an exceptional understanding of how to build effective B2B inbound marketing systems that generate highly qualified leads. Mark can work with you to put in place a marketing system that builds ongoing, relevant content, and is backed up by data-driven reporting to prove effectiveness.

With almost a decade of experience in B2B marketing and prior to that working as a business analyst on large enterprise IT implementation projects, Mark is an incredibly well rounded and pragmatic marketer. Mark holds an MBA from the University of Queensland, a current Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification and Solution Partner Certification.

AMI Member Fellow