Digital Marketing Staff

Contract Digital Marketing Staff

Highly skilled and trusted marketing guns for hire

If your business is looking to bring in new skill sets or bolster resourcing in your existing marketing team, Flipside can help find, select and qualify a Digital Marketer that will fit right in with your objectives and your team culture. This is a flexible service offered to clients who are engaging with us through our other services.

This service may be recommended after a Growth Diagnostic, as a result of coaching, engaging one of our Fractional CMOs or as part of Hubspot implementation. Any recommendation for a contract marketer will be dependent on your unique requirements.

The benefits of engaging a contract marketer through Flipside for your business includes:

  • Finding contractors with the exact skills required to fill the gaps in your marketing function. As marketing is such a broad profession without this detailed selection process you risk ending up with the wrong skillset
  • Contractors will be overseen by senior Flipside consultants
  • All contractors will also extensively tested prior to an engagement
  • Flexible terms on length of contract
  • You will always receive a high level of quality and output from Flipside contractors

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